Thursday, January 1, 2015

WOTS Version 5 - WOTS Radio

This week on the WOTS podcast it's a little different.  We put together our first WOTS Radio version.  I (theZim) picked 10 songs that I listen to on the regular and put a WOTS radio show together for you.  I tell stories and play music of some of my favorite local artist.  Hope you enjoy.

Maktub - Motherfucker - Khronos
Conservative Dad - Cataract - Chemical EP
Kate Tucker - I'm On Fire - Alliance Sessions
Panda Conspiracy - Gotta Be Away - Road Soda
Project Lionheart - Can't Stop Me - Shoebox Radio
Visqueen - The Capital - Message to Garcia
Kimo Muraki - Built to Last - From Northgate With Love
The Grandtours - Keep You Around - The Grandtours
City 17 - Ignite It - Ignite It
Novatone - Midnight - Time Can't Wait

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