Sunday, March 28, 2021

WOTS Version 216 with Slender Dan

On this version of the Word On the Street Podcast we talk with Slender Dan. Heather Dickson and Patrick Ahern make up the band Slender Dan. We start of the conversation talking about coffee, growing plants and cooking, and we learn Patrick can microwave anything! They tell us about how they have been living and creating during the pandemic and how it informed their art both emotionally and practically. Heather and Patrick tell us how they see Sender Dan as a creative project and how making videos for the music is an important part of that. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Slender Dan as much as I did.

A short 15 min conversation with Katrina Kope starts at 5min
the conversation with Slender Dan starts at 20min

Featured Music:
"Well Accomplished Man" by Slender Dan of The Waking Life EP
"Cycle" by Slender Dan off The Waking Life EP

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