Tuesday, October 23, 2018

WOTS Version 183 with Elijah of Tobias the Owl #2

Today on the podcast I talk with Elijah Dhavvan of Tobias the Owl for the second time. I asked Elijah a bunch of questions including but not limited to:

•What went into making the new album "A Safe Harbor For Wayward Echos"?
•What does writing 170 songs look like?
•When listening to music what is the most common way you listen and what is your favorite way to listen?
•When you buy music what is the most common way you do it? Why?
•What music is currently getting you excited, what’s in heavy rotation for you? Why do you like it?
•What is your all time favorite music/band/musical artist?
•What is your favorite Seattle/NW band/musician/artist?
•How do you define support? What do you think of?
•Do or did your parents support your music? If so give an example, if not why not?
•When and how did you feel the most supported being a musician? In what way do you like your music to be supported the most?
•How would you describe the Seattle music scene and community?
•What has been the best moment of performing creating being a musician in Seattle?
•What is one thing you would like to see more of, less of, changed, or removed from the Seattle NW music community?
•What advice do you have for a new musician in the Seattle and NW music community?
•How do you define success?
•How tied to feeling successful with your life is feeling successful with music?
•What are your current goals?
•Are you satisfied with what you've accomplished (in music) so far?
•If for some reason you could no longer create music what would you do? How would you react?
•What is the struggle? If you could have anything for your music what would it be?
•If you could have anything what would it be?

Featured music:
"Deep River City" by Tobias the Owl off A Safe Harbor For Wayward Echos
"Our Katie Waits" by Tobias the Owl off A Safe Harbor For Wayward Echos

Learn more here: https://www.tobiastheowl.com/

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