Monday, September 17, 2018

WOTS Version 172 with Maklak

Today on the podcast we have a Skype call with Maklak.  Mikel Perkins (vocals, guitar, drums), Scott Stewart (guitar), David Wending (bass) got on the horn with me and answered a bunch of questions including but not limited to:

•When listening to music what is the most common way you listen and what is your favorite way to listen?
•When you buy music what is the most common way you do it?
•What music is currently getting you excited, what’s in heavy rotation for you?
•What is your all time favorite music/band/musical artist
•what is your favorite Seattle/NW band/musician/artist
•How do you define success? (not allowed to say happiness)
•How do you define support?
•Do your parents support your music? If so give an example, if not why not?
•How would you describe the Seattle music scene and community?
•What is one thing you would like to see changed about the Seattle NW music community?

I hope you enjoy getting to know Maklak as much as I did.

Featured music:
“Slug Mass” by Maklak off Age of Anxiety
“Caddy Shack” by Maklak off Age of Anxiety

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