Thursday, September 7, 2017

WOTS Version 150 - WOTS Radio #14

Celebrating Podcast #150.  I tell stories and play songs. Three hours of awesome!!!

“Here We Go” by Duke Evers off Velvet Hips

“Too Soon Too Far” by TBASA (unreleased as of recording this podcast)

“Fire” by Soltree off Stardust

“Irene” by Courtney Marie Andrews off Honest Life

“I Am That I Am” by Devils Hunt Me Down off In Medias Res II

“Two-Time” by Monsterwatch off Blabbermouth

“Carolina” by Heather Thomas off People in Places

“Deadline” by Dirty Dirty off Deadline

“Finger on the Pulse” by Wonder off This Far Alive

“Project 3” by Skyrocket Daydream off Skyrocket Daydream

“Chase the Clouds” by Erik Blood off Lost in Slow Motion

“Pretty Teeth” by Ever So Android off The Civil

“Feathers” by The Flavr Blue off Love Notes

“Tender” by Tangerine off Sugar Teeth

“I Can’t Wait to Get Your Clothes Off” by Susy Sun off Susy Sun EP

“Noble Eyes” by Among Authors off I am Become

“Fallin’” by Scarlet Parke off Long Night

“Zero, The Fool” by Spit in the Well off Zero

“Things Like This” by Wooky

“Never Enough” by C-leb & the Kettle Black off Flat Black

“Fade To Black” by Tiny Messengers off Tiny Messengers EP

“Gotta Go” by Ten Miles Wide off The Gross

“Love vs Tragedy” by Heels to the Hardwood off Love vs Tragedy

“Go Limp” by Intisaar off Borrowed Ground

“No” by Great Grandpa off Plastic Cough

“Home” by Whitney Mongé off Stone

“Pull the Pin” by Patrick Galactic off Running from the Sun

“Daylights Gone” by Motopony off Welcome You

“White Wizard” by Year of the Cobra off …In The Shadows Below

“Anak Ko” by Charms off Human Error

“Don’t Feed the Birds” by General Mojo’s off How Hollow a Heart

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