Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WOTS Version 46 - WOTS Radio #8 featuring #41for2015 Fest.

This time on WOTS Radio we have Matt Ashworth telling us about a bunch of the bands that will be apart of the #41for2015 Fest put on by Nada Mucho. With a couple bonus songs! We published this one a day early so we could stay ahead of the first day of the fest by at least a few hours... Enjoy!

“Daggers” by Detective Agency off Daggers EP
“Lightbulb” by Detective Agency

“Secrets” by Lilac off Dream Journal

“Just Kids” by Goodbye Heart off Restless Night

“Secret Weapon” by Future Shock off Secret Weapon EP

“Machine” by Screens off The Hooded Pink Falcon EP

“Close to Death” by Crazy Eyes off Ring Ring Jingalong and Dark Heart Singalong

“Let’s Get Bent” by Stiff Spirit off Just Say Ya Hate It

“Brain Dead” by Steal Shit Do Drugs off First Comes Money

“Cheeto Lust” by Great Grandpa off Can Opener

Wednesday Night 1
Thursday Night 2
Friday Night 3
Saturday Night 4
Sunday Night 5

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