Thursday, September 24, 2015

WOTS Version 43 - WOTS Radio #7

“Ten Steps” by Elk and Boar off Something Out Of Nothing

“Worship Games” by Hell Mary off Worship Games

“Radio” by The Degrees off The Degrees

“Unable” by Jazmarae Beebe

“What You Thought” by Heather Duby and Elemental off Heather Duby and Elemental

“Callin’ the Freak” by Nichole Halleen & The Projects off Nichole Halleen & The Projects

“Transitions From Persona to Object” by Botch off We Are The Romans

“Brick Wall” by Two Loons For Tea off Two Loons For Tea

“Dear John” by Clearly Beloved off The City I Am Building Is For You

“Light Beside You” by CJ Cosmos off CJ Cosmos Demo 

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